Lyndi Brass

Lyndi is the grooming manager of The Barking Lot, and has been with us since we opened in 2006.  She found her passion for grooming in 2004 and is trained in both pet cuts and show cuts in all breeds. She observed and worked with top groomers to become proficient with her grooming skills. Previous to grooming Lyndi worked as a veterinary assistant for a year where she did surgery preparations and general veterinary maintenance before finding her love for pet grooming. Lyndi specializes in creative pet trims and is also very skilled in cat grooming. Lyndi continues to sharpen her skills by attending counting education seminars and is a member of The International Professional Groomers, Inc. In her off time Lyndi enjoys running her Toy Fox Terrier Piper in Coursing as well as Barn Hunt events.  She and her husband Justin also have a veteran pit bull rescue Lily, a Spinx Cat Mim and two children Ryland and Layla.