The Barking Lot offers top of the line kenneling suites and care. Our premium suites offer laminate walls and glass fronts that provide your dog with a private, quiet, calming environment. We have 22 premium suites, some with multiple occupancy. Soothing music and a night light help to calm the stresses of being away from home. We have Kuranda beds, bowls, and house food available for your pet. We offer Nutrisource as our house food. We have multiple formulas to meet your dog’s needs. We do still have Purina Pro Plan, as we have in the past, for those who wish to continue to use that. You are also welcome to bring anything from home for your four legged friend. Your dog will be walked individually four times a day. The staff member will chart each walk so we are able to keep a close eye on how your dog is adjusting to being in a new atmosphere. We offer playtime for some added fun and social time for your dog. The playtime options are a two hours for an additional $6/day charge per dog and a four hours for an additional $11/day charge per dog.

For your convenience, please fill out and bring this Boarding Information sheet.

Premium Suite Prices (Prices are effective July 1st, 2021)
One Dog $32/night
Two Dogs ($12/night savings)* $52/night
Three Dogs ($24/night savings)* $72/night
*To receive the multi-dog discount the dogs must share a run.
  • Preferred Playtime - 2 hours playtime: $7 per dog/day
  • Luxury Playtime - 4 hours of playtime: $12 per dog/day

The VIP Suites
The Barking Lot has added yet another option in canine accommodations. The VIP Suites are 4x6 ft. and 6x6 ft. rooms. They also feature glass fronts with a more secluded environment. There are only six kennels on the VIP side which offers a quieter atmosphere for your four legged friend. The themes include Las Vegas, Jungle, Hollywood, Iowa State, University of Iowa and the NASCAR.

Boarding Kennels VIP Suite Prices
4 x 6 ft Run6 x 6 ft Run
One Dog $45/night $55/night
Two Dogs* $70/night ($20/night savings) $85/night ($25/night savings)
Three Dogs* $88/night ($47/night savings) $105/night ($60/night savings)
*To receive the multi-dog discount the dogs must share a run.

The VIP suites include everything the Premium Suites offers, plus two hours of playtime. You can add additional playtime for your pooch if you like for an extra $5.00/night per dog.

Boarding Package Add-Ons
Busy Bone$2.50/ea
We’ll provide your dog with a Kong filled with canine goodies or an edible chew bone.
Treat Time$2.50/ea
We’ll provide your dog with a gourmet treat. Flavors vary.
Picture Message$2.50/ea
We’ll text or email you a picture of your pooch enjoying playtime or
relaxing in their suite.
30 Minute Nature Walks(weather permitting)$15.00/ea
We’ll take your pooch on a 30 minute, individual walk. Great for dogs
who don’t enjoy playtime!
TLC$8.00/half hour
Extra individual, personal attention for your dog. Can be personalized
to best suite your pets wants and needs.
Gourmet Food Mixture:
Mac N’ Cheese$2.50/ea
Beef and Rice$3.50/ea

Check-in & Check-out
Boarding check-in and check-out times are from 8:00 am-5:30 pm Monday through Friday, 8:00 am-12 pm on Saturday and 3:30 pm-5:30 pm on Sunday. If you pick-up your dog after 1:00pm Monday-Friday, there will be a $15 half day charge added to your bill, unless you request a bath or groom on check out. Due to the fact that we charge by night there is an automatic half day charge of $15 for Sunday unless you request a bath or groom on check out. If you request a bath or groom on check-out, you cannot pick up your pet until after 10:00am, so that we have the time to groom or bathe them.

Please feel free come in and tour our facility and meet our staff at anytime during regular business hours.

Required Vaccinations
  • Rabies
  • Rabies vaccination is required by state law for all dogs four months of age and older.
  • The combination vaccine, commonly known as "distemper", actually protects your dog against five or six viral diseases that can be left threatening to unvaccinated dogs.
  • Bordetalla
  • Bordetalla, otherwise known as the kennel cough vaccination is particularly vital for all dogs in a boarding or co-mingling environment, since the infection is airborne and quite common where dogs are housed together or play together.
  • Flea and Tick Preventative
  • We require that your pet be current on some form of treatment for fleas and ticks in order to protect them from any infestation thus protecting all of the pets. We recommend topical solutions such as Frontline or Advantix, which are available over the counter.

Holiday Boarding Cancellation Policy
*A credit card number is required for booking over the holiday seasons.

  • Spring Break: 3rd & 4th week of March
  • Memorial Day weekend
  • Independence Day: 7/3-7/5
  • Labor Day weekend
  • Thanksgiving week & weekend
  • Christmas and New Year’s: 12/20-1/2

Early booking for these dates is recommended due to the rate at which we reach our capacity. Your credit card number will be charged only if you cancel your reservation or shorten your stay more than three nights without seven days notice or fail to show up for your reservation. If a credit card number is not obtained at the time of booking, your holiday reservation will be only held for 48 hours.

We reserve the right to deny admittance to any pet lacking proof of vaccinations, and/or displaying signs of untreated or potentially contagious conditions, and/or aggressive behavior. We reserve the right to charge handling fees for excessively aggressive pets requiring extra staff and/or additional time so that we may deliver proper care.

*Payment is due at the time services are rendered.